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Aggressive DevOps Concept

Aggressive DevOps is operational concept built after multiple years of work in different industries, using different technology stacks and different service providers. Much like the DevOps itself, this is conceptual framework for organization of multiple daily activities most DevOps engineers will encounter during the lifecycle of a software project. It is build on three pillars:

  1. Build & Deployment automation;
  2. Full-stack application monitoring;
  3. Data-driven control plane architecture.

Build & Deployment automation

Build automation is key component of Continuous Integration / Continuous Delivery. Deployment automation is key for controlled deployments over parts of the server population. Build & Deployment automation is crucial for automated release management in web-scale systems. Without it the operational complexity of the system grows out of control.

Full-stack application monitoring

Full-stack application monitoring is important to understand how application performance is related to both internal and external 'inputs'. It is key to understand the scalability of the system itself. It is a vital part of the 'nervous system'  of your distributed application. Without full-stack monitoring multiple dependencies and scalability issues will be discovered only after critical issue.

Data-driven control plane architecture

Data-driven control plane implementations became possible only after adoption of the Cloud and the ability to treat infrastructure as a code. It is key component in any elastic distributed system. Although many service providers have at least some tooling, full implementation requires intimate understanding of the application logic and bespoke implementations.