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Cloud Operations

Aggressive DevOps

Application Monitoring

We do DevOps! We've come up with the "Aggressive DevOps" concept after practicing large scale infrastructure management over the last 10+ years! Our aim is to bridge the gap between development and large scale operations.

We know the Cloud! We've been using different cloud service providers to gain intimate knowledge of the inner workings of different setups, features and deployment models.

We understand Application Monitoring and Data-Driven Control Plane paradigms! We implemented thousands of monitoring components to gather data from various sources. We make components to analyze collected data and tie the result to application control infrastructure. 

  • Cloud provider-agnostic tooling
  • Application performance analysis 
  • Reliability / SPOF analysis
  • Infrastructure assets management
  • Data & Infrastructure security
  • ​Build & Deployment automation
  • Full-stack application monitoring
  • Data-driven control plane
  • Deep application monitoring
  • Operational data mining
  • Data-driven control plane
  • Service Level Agreement tracking

Our areas of expertise