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Xi Group Ltd


Xi Group Ltd is offering consultancy services in the following areas:

  1. DevOps outsourcing / off-shoring;
  2. Remote Cloud Operations;
  3. Infrastructure and application monitoring.

DevOps as a Service

"DevOps-as-a-Service" includes full participation in the software development lifecycle, from inception to final delivery and maintenance. This participation will be constantly driven by the "Aggressive DevOps" principles and will cover build and deployment automation, continuous integration and delivery, infrastructure and application monitoring, architectural feedback to aid elastic designs and development of data-driven control plane.

Cloud Operations

Cloud operations offering is suitable for outsourcing or off-shoring of standard IT services with a Cloud twist. Xi Group Ltd already has production experience with large-scale deployments in major cloud service providers (Amazon Web Services, Joyent, Heroku). EET timezone (UTC+2) makes it perfectly positioned for after-hours support or nightly operational activities.

Infrastructure and application monitoring

Infrastructure and application monitoring involves implementation of a full stack monitoring infrastructure for distributed system. Xi Group Ltd already has production experience with self-host solutions (Nagios, Munin, Sensu, Graphite) as well as with multiple monitoring service providers (AWS CloudWatch, StackDriver, Boundary). In-house development capabilities and hands-on experience with several technology stacks (Java, Python, PHP, node)  is a serous advantage in this offering.